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Buyers of yachts often consider resale before they’ve even purchased a vessel. It’s a rational consideration given that days on market for yachts are often measured in years. Buyers are savvy. You know - half of the time you’re a buyer. Savvy buyers buy early at or near asking when value is perceived high, otherwise, they tend to buy deep in the cycle after frustration forces many owners into price reductions over an uncertain and costly period of time that too often lacks a sense of urgency.
We provide an alternative. It’s a time-certain six-week solution. We eliminate uncertainty and frustration. Importantly, we also eliminate those painful and persistent recurring costs through a defined and considerably shortened timeline. 
Sellers set the date they want to sell their yacht and buyers are presented with attractive opportunities if they’re able to act with urgency. Sellers gets what they want – fair price, certainty, and reduced holding costs. Buyers gets what they want – fair price, high-quality yacht, and the keys through a turnkey process.

Technically, it’s considered a win/win.

Sample Auction Timeline

Below is a sample six-week auction timeline. The actual timeline is determined by the listing broker and owner, and can be longer or shorter depending upon particular needs.

FEATURED FILMS: TOP FILM: Interviews with 106' Broward 2006 owner Craig Morris, Captain Rick Sandstrom, and Listing Broker Jason Dunbar of Luke Brown Yachts (Note: this vessel sold on April 3, 2019) BOTTOM FILM: Interviews with Molokai Strait 75’ Expedition Yacht owner, Ed Lipkin, Captain Sarah Lowell, and Wheelhouse Technologies president, Craig Parkhurst (Note: this vessel sold on December 4, 2018)