Sometimes it just takes too long to sell a yacht. That’s why we built Boathouse Auctions – to help yacht owners solve for the problem of time. We put the control, in terms of sale date and minimum acceptable price, in the hands of the yacht broker and owner, while at the same time providing attractive opportunities to buyers able to act with urgency.

Our online yacht auction platform offers owners of high-quality yachts an alternative to what could potentially be a long traditional market sale by allowing them to discount some carrying costs in exchange for a time-certain solution that delivers equivalent net proceeds, adjusted by time.

We offer all different types of vessels united by the common thread of quality - power and sail, large and small.

Vessels that sell within the first 60 – 120 days are the fortunate few. The vast majority of vessel owners are faced with extended days on market. The greater the market exposure, the more a vessel tends to suffer from negative perception. More prominently felt, however, by owners are the costs associated with the extended holding period. We eliminate those costs and deliver a better net outcome.

Every day your vessel is on the market it accrues costs and depreciates in value – the more you spend the less it’s worth. When selling a depreciating asset with high carrying costs and historically long average days on market, time is the enemy. Days on market are typically the largest determining factor in the ultimate sale price of a vessel. As there’s a high correlation between days on market and a vessel’s overall return, the odds are in your favor the sooner you find a buyer.
The traditional yacht brokerage model has long used price reduction as a means to attract attention. Such a practice, however, rewards a lack of urgency and reinforces a buyer’s ‘sit-and-wait’ approach.
As the auction model has a finite timeline, buyers must act with urgency and perform all due diligence prior to auction. As such, negotiation is replaced with competition and all sales are final and unconditional. By partnering with the global yacht brokerage community, we offer a time-certain yacht auction process that limits risk and maximizes return – on the owner’s terms and the owner’s timeline. 

Below are the sellers we best serve - do you have a client that fits one of the following seller types:

  1. Frustrated and Fatigued – High-quality asset, priced right, further price reduction unappealing, just not selling and donation is not an option.
  2. Business-Minded – Owner recognizes that a sale could happen in maybe two days or two years. They’re willing to discount some carrying costs in exchange for a six-week time-certain sale, as such an approach typically delivers equivalent net proceeds, or better, adjusted for time.
  3. Hard to Price – The vessel is unique, perhaps one-of-a-kind, well-built, maybe not well known in local waters, and just hard to asses fair value.
  4. Many Interested – On the market for many quarters, multiple interested and qualified buyers but they’re all on the sidelines lacking urgency.
  5. Nonprofit Donation Programs – High-quality donated vessels. We work with many nonprofits to help sell vessels received through donation.
  6. Synchronize Trades – Owner has eye on next new vessel but doesn't want to hold both. Needs a way to reasonably synchronize the trade of two assets.
  7. Special Situations – Death, divorce, illness, bank-owned, etc.
  8. Trade-Ins – Manufacturer and dealer inventory.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Boathouse Auctions

75' Molokai Strait 2006

As a seller, the lack of a pending event plus the extended due diligence a buyer requires creates a buyer-advantaged process. Boathouse Auctions has successfully and politely modified the approach to bring this archaic process into the 21st century. I am thrilled with the result.

Ed Lipkin, Former owner
106' Broward 2006

As the carrying costs of larger yachts can be significant, days on market are costly. By offering Altitude Adjustment II through Boathouse Auctions, the finite timeline of the auction process serves as a motivation to prospective buyers and as an asset to owners in terms of time and cost savings.

Craig Morris, Former owner
58' Vicem 2004

I praise Boathouse Auctions for leading me to the successful close of the boat I'd never before considered.

Rick Gard, Buyer